Tips and tricks from the artist's studio

On this page I am publishing tips and tricks from my studio. This free service shall help young artists, art students and everybody who is enthusiastic about sculpting to work in an even more creative way.

Do it yourself etruscan tomb

For an artist like me with strong links to Umbria and Tuscany, the core land of the old Etruscans, it is almost inevitable to occupy myself with the culture of that mystical people. Being as well a stone mason as an artist it is only a question of time to think about building an etruscan tomb of my own.

The idea hit me the first time when our neighbour, preparing a vinyard dug out big amounts of stone of the ground heaping them up next to an old olive orchard where I had started an art project to revive the olive grove. Part of the project is the reconstruction of old dry walls of natural sandstone. I took the opportunity and started to build part of the wall in the form of an etruscan tumulus tomb providing it with an entrance, admittedly rather a big niche, as the rock did not permit to delve deeper. Once I got started and still having enough stones left I decided to create another stone chamber adapting the form of the old etruscan tombs.

Honestly I do not intend to bury anybody there but prefers to see it as a spritual place where one can experience getting back to the whomb of the earth meditating or maybe simply escaping the italian summer heat enjoying a nice sip of cool umbrian wine. If you like the idea (the etruscan tomb, not the wine only) contact me for more detailled informations.