Shelter - the exhibition that does not exist

Since March 13th my exhibition "Schutzraum" can be seen in the art vault of the Stadtsparkasse Kaufbeuren. That means it would be visible if it were open.

Until two days ago it was, until an employee of the Sparkasse informed me by email that the exhibition was temporarily no longer accessible (whatever that means).

In order not to let the exhibition, for which I had worked for over a year, go down silently and without sound, I made a video tour of the exhibition.

Not a professional video, but given the current situation, better than nothing.

You can see the video here:

I wish all viewers a lot of fun with the virtual exhibition.

Please send inquiries regarding the purchase of the sculptures to

Detailed information about Wolfgang Sandt here

About the sound installation that accompanies the exhibition:

Max Greifenhagen is a musician, composer and teaches drums and percussion.

Please send inquiries about his music to or by phone: 0172 2438337


P.S. In case you are wondering whether the exhibition exists or not and what the title of this blog post means.

This is a little insider joke from me.

In the Italian version of Peter Pan, Neverland, the place where almost all adventures take place, is called "l´Isola che non c´è",   "The island that does not exist".


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