My exhibition at the Malura Museum, Pictures

...some pictures from the exhibition.

 The Malura Museum, is a nice place to exhibit, with very friendly cooperative owners.

In spite of being a small museum situated in the countryside, it attracts a crowd of very interesting and influential people from the Munich and Bavarian art scene. It´s certainly worth visiting.

The museum has been created in memory of Oswald Malura, one of the protagonists of the Munich post war art scene whose paintings are exhibited in the museum.

Thus for me as artist the challenge was to set up my sculptures so that they could enter into a dialogue with Oswald Malura´s work.





Here a detail of my sculpture "Atlantis"

Trialogue betweens sculptures


And here (from left to right) the sculptures "Hinter blauen Himmeln" (Behind blue skies), "Aiolos" (relief) and "Schwanensee" (Swan Lake).

Behind blue skies


I found a piece of blue marble with white hues resembling clouds in romantic 19th century paintings.

So I polished one side of the marble piece to make the colours more visible and gave the other side a structure of clouds in movement.

Finally I carved out big parts of the inside of the marble to make the light shine through.





Aiolos, the ancient greek god of the winds inspired this relief.

Swan Lake


When I started to work on this sculpture my intention was to go to the extreme to transform the marble to something like lace.

After I had worked on it for several days my wife came into my studio looked at it and said: "That´s nice, have you seen there´s a swan hidden in the stone?"

I took a look and yes, here it was. It was so unique that I decided to drop the idea with the marble lace and tried to liberate the swan from the marble instead.

The judgement of Paris

"The judgement of Paris", Wolfgang Sandt


This tryptichon - "The judgement of Paris" - I created originally for an exhibition in the "Ägyptisches Museum" - Museum for Egyptian Art, in Munich. 

Three abstract forms representing mythological godesses.

Life Lines

Lebenslinien - Life lines (Translucent abstract marble garden Carving)


Life lines cross each other, run parallel to each other and separate again

Sometimes in the shadows, sometimes in the light.



I am fascinated by natural phenomena like the polar lights created by the sunwind. You could say with the sunwind the sun plays music on the atmosphere of the earth. Actually the sounds of the sunwind can be made audible for us humans.

In this sculpture I wanted to give an idea of these thoughts.



A voyage to an unknown destiny. Nothing is secure - apart of the permanent change...



What would Apollo´s Lyra look like? Would it be a normal instrument, made of wood, or would it rather be created from marble, with a sound made of light?



On the first floor of the museum is a little old-fashioned study. An ideal place for this little sculpture.


And here a more detailed image from "Message"

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