Little Olive Trees, Tree Guardians and a Sculpture Park - about the ArteNatura Olive Tree Adoptions

Etruskischer Krieger, Olivenbaumpatenschaft ArteNaturs, Villa La Rogaia

For the ArteNatura project I create stelae made of natural stone. Each of these stelae is set up next to a small olive tree.

This tree has been personally planted for the person/s who has/ have adopted that particular olive tree.

The stelae I create are inspired by ancient Etruscan sculptures, although they do not necessarily have to have Etruscan motifs as their origin.

The slender stone pillars, between 160 cm and 180 cm high, correspond to human dimensions and awaken thoughts of tree guards or guardian spirits.

In fact, each of these tree guardians “protects” its olive tree. Small in the beginning the olive trees after some years will tower over their guardians and these will even find shelter in their olive tree´s shade.

In the long term, a grove of stelae will grow within the olive grove.


If you adopt a tree with a sculpture you have the opportunity, to a certain extent, to bring your own ideas and wishes into the design of the sculpture for your tree.

I made the stele shown in this post for the president of an ice hockey club as a birthday present from the team.

The ice hockey players had voted for a helmeted Etruscan warrior to match their sport, and I had chosen among several ancient Etruscan helmets one that was visually closest to an ice hockey helmet.

In addition, I carved a high relief with the team´s coat of arms on the stele as well as an Etruscan inscription.

Etruskischer Krieger, Olivenbaumpatenschaft ArteNaturs, Villa La Rogaia

The olive tree was planted a little earlier, on the birthday of the recipient.

Of course, I could make the stele only after discussing the final form with the team manager, which is why it was set up a little later.


In addition to the custom-made stelae, I also design my own stelae, free works of art, as tree guardians for the olive grove.

You can also adopt these stelae in connection with a little olive tree and thus make a piece of the sculpture park in the olive grove your own.

A nice gift idea also for companies and (sport´s) clubs.

I'll write more about this in one of the next blog posts.

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