"Great idea! Just a pity that this is not possible"

"Great idea! Just a pity that this is not possible."

Those were, in broad Bavarian, the first words of my stonemason colleague Markus when I presented my concept of translucent sculptures at the stone sculptor´s master school.

The other master students were also rather skeptical, they had never heard of this type of sculpture, let alone seen one.

I had to laugh inwardly as I had already created quite a few of my translucent sculptures.

And actually, our budding master stonemasons should have known better.

After all, thinly ground alabaster panes were used as windows for temples and palaces as early as antiquity - flat glass for window panes did not yet exist at that time.

So I can't claim the idea of ​​making stones translucent as my own.

However, as far as I know, my sculptures are unique in terms of exhausting this possibility.

At least I haven't found any sculptor colleagues who do something comparable.

However, as far as my colleague's initial reaction is concerned, I willingly admit that I took it as a compliment. After all, it should be one of the ideals of an artist to leave the beaten track and make the impossible possible.



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