Curriculum Vitae Wolfgang Sandt

  • 1960 Born in Munich
  • 1979 - 1981 Art School, Munich
  • 1982 - 1985 Apprenticeship as stonemason and stonesculptor
  • 1985 – 1993 Collaboration with several sculptors for works in public spaces and churches in Germany
  • 1989 Stay for art studies in Pietrasanta, Italy
  • 1987 – 2001 Creation and political struggle for the erection of a memorial for the concentration camp site of Dachau subcamp at Ottobrunn (more about this below on this page)
  • 1993 - 1995 Masterschool for stonemasons and stonesculptors, Munich, finishing with masters diploma
  • 1998 The community Haar acquires the sculpture “Srebrenica”
  • 2006 Start of La Rogaia “Arte Natura“ project for the revival and maintenance of old cultural and natural landscape in Umbria, Italy
  • Lives and works as free artist in Munich, Germany, and Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy

An important part of my biography. The memorial for the Dachau subcamp at Ottobrunn

The memorial for the subcamp Ottobrunn of the Dachau concentration camp was an important part of my artistic biography and so far that one of my artworks which had the biggest impact.

The existence of the subcamp during the "Third Reich" had been forgotten or hushed up after the second world war. 1982 a youth group of the protestant church in Ottobrunn learned about the subcamp and brought the fact of its existence back to public consciousness.

At that time I had just finished art school and had started an apprenticeship as stonemason and sculptor. I had already an idea for a memorial but was aware of the fact that my skills still were not sufficient to realise it.

In the middle of the eighties finally I felt ready. I knew how to carve stone, I made a draft and presented it to the youth group of the protestant church and to a group of supporters which had formed quickly.

Yet it was not earlier than 2001 before the memorial was erected in the center of Ottobrunn, after long years of political struggle.

On this page bit by bit I will publish all the information I can get about the history of the memorial.

Here I start with a video of the memorial.